Great Cosplay Stores

So there are a ton of cosplay stores online. When you’re looking for a good cosplay store, you might come across several that sell low-quality junk at ridiculously marked up prices. That’s almost exclusively what you’ll find on eBay unless you’re lucky or spend a good deal of time searching. That’s why finding a good cosplay store can be pretty time consuming.

Cosplay Magic is probably the most widely recognized place that sells cosplays. They’ve been around for a really freaking long time, and nearly everyone has a story – mostly good, a few here and there bad, about their outfits. If you’re looking for a store that has sold a ton of costumes to other people, this one is pretty well and widely known.

A relatively new, but heavily advertising store is Miccostumes. Interesting name there. Some of their costumes can be pretty dang inexpensive. But cost tends to compare with quality, so the cheaper the costume you buy, the worse it will probably be. A lower quality costume can tend to rip easier than a better costume, and some pieces may not fit well. In the worst cases, they can be totally the wrong color.

If you want more, you can probably check out my cosplay store page.