Fox Cosplays

Fox cosplaying is pretty close to my heart. It’s a little more underground than kitty girl cosplayers and yet provides a persona that is recognizably cute and hug worthy. It’s at the top of my recommendation list for new cosplayers or ladies and gents who are looking for some low-key, easy to assemble or last minute cosplays. Really all that’s required is a pair of oversized pointy fox ears (or re-vamped kitty ears) and maybe a fuzzy tail. Collar and leash totally not required but they make a nice addition.  Color scheme of your ears/tail is entirely your choice (though I prefer bright orange). Total amount that you spend shouldn’t top out at more then thirty bucks.

To make your cosplay believable (and increase cuteness by tenfold) remember your fox sounds. Unlike their neko cousins, they do not meow! It’s more of a mrawr or nyar. Purring is acceptable, however. Remember that foxes are not members of the feline family, they’re more K-9. You should get along with dogs much better than catgirls. Go find Inuyasha and scratch his furry ears!


Dragon Con 2011 Pictures and more

With even CNN covering it, Dragon Con is a pretty darn big thing. News ImageBut all the pictures we see from various news websites are pretty bleh. They don’t have much focus or a very good composition. However, we just found a place with some really neat Dragon Con pictures.

To the right -> a Dragon Con picture from a news website which we didn’t think was very great.

I’m surprised these are what was featured, out of the 40,000+ people at Dragon Con.


Here’s some of the good Dragon Con 2011 Pictures from