Worst Best Group Cosplay I’ve Seen

Worst Good Group Cosplay
Today I was googling for cosplay pictures, and found this…. I’ve decided to name it the Worst Best group cosplay I’ve ever seen. I mean, they all look basically like the correct Dragon Ball Z characters. But they look like plastic J-pop version of the characters. I don’t know what anime con this is from, but it’s still a lot better than many cosplays I’ve seen – and no one in the group is particularly better than any of the others. Maybe it’s just the lighting, but I swear that Cell is made of plastic. Something’s making these guys just a little too shiny šŸ˜‰

Side note: When I went to the FUNimation site, there was an obnoxious ad for some stupid non-anime cartoon… they need to pick better sponsors.


One Comment on “Worst Best Group Cosplay I’ve Seen”

  1. Anna says:

    They are the worst, best cosplay group only because they are “shiny” ?

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