Things Not To Do At Anime Conventions

Here is a list of things not to do at anime conventions!

  1. Don’t ask random strangers to glomp you. Also, don’t glomp random strangers.
  2. Don’t forget to eat and shower daily. Hurting yourself by forgetting is very dangerous.
  3. Offer to give away free stuff without having plenty of it to give away.
  4. Bring props that are ridiculously too big. Leave the giant mechas at home.
  5. Don’t wear just a Leaf Village Headband and pretend to be cosplaying from Naruto.
  6. Don’t stalk the guests of honor. You can wait for autograph signing times to get them to autograph you.
  7. Do not mess with the elevators.
  8. Do not mess with the fire alarms.
  9. Do not have more than eight people in one room. It can be dangerous, gets really messy, and is a pain for everyone.
  10. Don’t be mean to staff and other attendees.
  11. Don’t give alcohol to underage attendees, or drink too heavily if you are overage.
  12. Don’t leave your fancy electronics lying around to be stolen.
  13. Don’t volunteer and then quit your shift early, nor forget your shift.
  14. Don’t forget to get names and phone numbers from all your newfound friends.
  15. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water.
  16. Remember to pick up after yourself. Do not litter everywhere.
  17. Don’t take a new congoer to a con and then forget them, letting them fend for themselves in a strange environment filled with cosplayers.
  18. Don’t break glowsticks and get them all over the place.
  19. Don’t break parts of the hotel, particularly including pieces of hotel furniture that might happen to be in the hallways.
  20. Don’t run through the hallways screaming while panels and other events are going on. Some people like to hear what the speaker or presenter is saying.
  21. Don’t sleep in con-spaces, like the video rooms. Not only is it rude, but people might draw stuff on you. Free canvas!
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